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Growing flowers is the most fun and artistic part of gardening. Flowers can grow from seeds, bulbs or tubers. Seeds, bulbs and tubers are the building blocks of a flower.




    You can choose a style or make an eclectic mixed garden. You can choose a theme or color scheme for your garden too. You can build hardscape structures, like paths, fences and statues, add bushes and trees or can simply let your flowers define your garden. You can even mix your vegetables and herbs into your flower garden or put your flowers into your vegetable garden. A flower garden can be entirely in pots or in your yard or both. Flowers bloom in different seasons. You can choose to have Spring,Summer, Fall, or Winter gardens in different parts of your yard or you can have an all-season garden with different flowers blooming all year round.   




Seeds, Bulbs and Tubers

Seeds can be tiny, small, medium and large.Bulbs and tubers are much larger and usually planted in the spring or fall, depending on when the flower blooms. Water, sunlight, oxygen and the nutrients in the soil activate and help the flowers grow.




 Perrenials, annuals and biannuals

      Perrennials come back every year. Annuals only bloom one time. Biannuals grow and bloom in two years. Some Annuals and Biannuals self-seed, which means that their seeds fall to the ground and start growing again.

Styles of Gardens

Here are some of the styles of gardens.

 A formal english garden has uniform manicured shrubs, sometimes with mazes, and structures such as statues, stone benches, fountains, pools and paths.

A cottage garden has mostly self-seeding annuals and looks pretty and cluttered. 

A tropical garden has big, bright exotic plants.

An Asian garden has oriental plants, bridges and water.

 butterfly garden has plants that attract butterflys. 

cut flower garden is grown to produce flowers for flower arrangements.

A xeriscape garden needs very little water.

A rock garden has big rocks and plants or flowers.

A children's garden has safe flowers and fun items that children can play with or look at. 


     When you choose a theme or color scheme for your garden your garden becomes very unique. Anything that you love can become your garden's theme. You can put painted rocks, custom signs, garden ornaments and figurines to express your love of cars, birds, horses, dolls, houses, lighthouses and many more things.  

 Color schemes

Your garden will have colors, but it can look very special if you choose to plant only flowers of one, two, three or more colors. You can even have an all green garden. The most dramatic color in the garden is white.






Click on the Flower Power Wiki Table  to go to our Flower Collection where you can learn about or add more flowers.








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